RYA Junior Courses

RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Overview

Junior Training

RYA Training Centre Principal and Chief Instructor – André Usborne  andreusborne@gmail.com

Training Coordinator – Ronni Usborne  ronniusborne@gmail.com


To see an overview of the aims and objectives of the RYA teaching stages, download the information from the link above.

The Club organises various extremely popular events each year specifically to introduce junior members to sailing and to develop their abilities. Children must be aged 8 by 31 December of the year in which the training takes place.
Family members will be invited in January to apply for that year’s training.

Junior Training

Easter Consolidation
Consolidation for juniors at all RYA Stages who have already experienced being in a boat on their own. This event is NOT for Beginners.

Summer Weeks
In 2019 we will run several five day events for junior sailors during state school holidays.
Details of these events can be found here:

Additional opportunities for Juniors

After-school Training
A training opportunity for beginners and “improvers” is run on some Thursdays in term time.  This is a marvellous opportunity for local children to learn to sail.

Simply Sailing
Simply Sailing sessions give members a chance to get out on the water to practise their skills, without the pressure of racing but with the reassuring presence of patrol boats to make sure that everyone is safe.  These are not suitable for beginners sailing alone.

Family Fun
A great opportunity for the whole family to be on the water together, either in the same boat or individually. Patrol boats ensure everyone is safe on the water.  These are usually followed by a BBQ.

General Information
In all events a parent (or adult ‘in loco parentis’) is required to be present (or within 10 minutes of the club) at all times. Since we are a volunteer-run club the adults will also be expected to contribute to the operation by assisting the organisers.

These events come under the overall control of our Sailing Committee.  In attending the events described it is hoped that participants will develop their skills to the level where they will be able to join our general race programme as well as the ‘fun’ events organised throughout the year.

The Club owns a fleet of Optimists, Teras, Picos & Scows which competent juniors may hire if they don’t own a boat or if they want to try out another type of boat before buying their own.  We also own a Wanderer, 2 x RS Quests, a Bahia and an RS Feva, all of which may only be hired by juniors if they hold the RYA Stage 4 qualification.
However, please note that during Stage 1 Summer training the club Optimists are not available for hire as they will be used by complete beginners taking part in the training, and in Stage 4 Summer training, the club Picos, Teras, Quests & Feva are all in use by trainees.

We also have a couple of small rowing boats (“Peanut” dinghies) for teaching children to row.

To join the Club, download the forms from our website, pick them up from the clubhouse or contact our Membership Secretary, Melinda Measor (membership.ysc@btconnect.com, 01983 760462).
Charles Ridley Cadet Fund

The Cadet Fund was set up in memory of a former member of the club, to benefit young members under the age of 18, either individually or as a group, in some aspect of sailing.  In the past the fund has been used to help children go on trips with the Ocean Youth Trust and other similar organisations, to buy “trisails” (smaller sails) for the club Optimists (enabling sailors to experience stronger winds than they would otherwise have been able to cope with), to provide training to some who would otherwise not have been able to access it, etc.  We welcome applications to this fund.  For more information please contact the Commodore, Yarmouth Sailing Club, Bridge Road, Yarmouth, PO41 0NL.


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