Lunch at Island Sailing Club

Lunch at Island Sailing Club

YSC Cruise 19th June 15 016

Drinks & Superior Nibbles aboard Puritan

YSC Cruise 19th June 15 009

The Fleet Arrives at Shepards Wharf

YSC Cruising Section

The Cruising Section was formed so that members of the Yarmouth Sailing Club who own cruising boats – sailing or motor boats – who would like to sail to destinations in the Solent or further afield in company with likeminded members could do so.

Destinations are decided at the Planning Meeting held in September and lunches, suppers and moorings are booked by the Cruising Section Leader (currently Arthur Barker – email  : 01983 741274).


All members of Yarmouth Sailing Club are invited to take part in rallies by boat, road or ferry and can contact Arthur by email or phone to receive all the details.  Non-boat-owning members wishing to go on a rally requiring travelling by boat should also contact him and he will endeavour to place them as crew or passengers with boat owners taking part in the rally.

Those taking part in rallies are asked to read the Cruising Section Guidelines.  These are basically common sense but do need to be followed.  See below to download.


Cruising Programme 2019

Thursday 4th April – day rally at the Folly Inn on the River Medina, with lunch.

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May – accompanying Swallows & Amazons on their overnight camping trip to Newtown.

Wednesday 22nd May – day rally to Lymington Town Sailing Club for lunch.

Wednesday 12th June – day rally to Royal Lymington Yacht Club for lunch.

Wednesday 3rd July – day rally to Warsash Sailing Club on the Hamble River for lunch.

Monday 22nd July – day rally to Southampton Town Quay for lunch at Ennio’s.

Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th September – cruise to Bembridge via East Cowes, with two overnight stays.


Cruising Reports

The Folly Rally, April 3rd 2018

The Folly rally was the first excursion for the Cruising Section this year. With the strong westerlies all skippers decided not to sail to the Folly especially in view of the need to sail against the tide on the return to Yarmouth.

16 members attended including two guests from the mainland with a view to becoming full members of the Club which, on a former visit, they had found to be vibrant and full of new ideas to expand the Club’s facilities – and have since joined. We were also joined by Alan and Pam Toms who were visiting the Folly to celebrate Alan’s Birthday.

Everyone arrived in good time, remaining until approximately 3:30 – the whole time filled with lively conversation and laughter (and song when Alan was wished a happy birthday).


Swallows and Amazons at Newtown Creek, May 12th and 13th

Our second rally was in conjunction with the Swallows and Amazons which is rapidly becoming an annual event. This year the dinghies (eleven in all) sailed from Yarmouth to Newtown Creek accompanied by City Girl and a patrol boat.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

The facilities at Newtown

With the tide rising and the wind in the southwest they were all able to sail easily. The sailors on board found the experience, which was fortunately uneventful, great fun and exhilarating. While the dinghies moored near the jetty, Macaria II and City Girl shared a buoy in the river.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Mooring at Newtown

Some Cruising Section members, who for one reason or another couldn’t sail up, helped set up the camp.


On the way back, with the Cruising Section boats accompanying them, the light wind against them and tacking the dinghies were soon at Yarmouth and volunteers from the Cruising Section and other YSC members helped them across the road to the boat park.



Rally to Lymington Town Sailing Club

The Cruising Section part of the Cruising Section/Simply Sailing rally to Lymington was a great success. Unfortunately the Simply Sailing section’s endeavour to sail across was undermined by the F4/5/6 wind forecast with wind against tide and had to be cancelled.

Not being subject to acting as nanny boats Cruising Section sailors crossed the Solent either in their own boats or on the ferry depending on the skippers’ feelings about the weather situation. Those going in their own boats moored on the Dan Bran pontoon and met up with those travelling by ferry before going on to Lymington Town Sailing Club where they were welcomed by the staff.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Cruising Section at LTSC

We had already made our menu choices beforehand and were ready to eat at 1 p.m. although the club offered to serve by 12:45 if required. As the Simply Sailing section rally had been cancelled there was no longer any pressure to return quickly to take advantage of the tide – with high water at 15:12.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Dan Bran Pontoon, Lymington

Eleven people sat down to lunch and as usual lively conversations continued throughout the meal, interspersed with jokes and banter and everyone felt that they had had an enjoyable time. Details of the remaining rallies were outlined and discussed and then members began to disperse to look around Lymington or go along to the Dan Bran pontoon to view the boats which had made it there despite the poor forecast.



Cruising Section Guidelines Feb 18