Sailing Reports 2018

Saturday & Sunday, 14th & 15th July

Saturday produced another beautiful sunny day and with the wind slightly better than the forecast 2 knots the fleet opted for the scheduled Solent race.  5 boats attended, 3 being Scows.

John Smith had the best start but was overtaken by Bill Ford before the second mark.  The order held until the final leg of the second round when John took better advantage of the developing tide to finish first with Bill second and Derek Morris third.  In the handicap fleet Patrick Tate in the Feva finished first with Tom Ainsworth and crew Phil Pike in the Bahia second.

The official race had been short due to improving wind so a combined fleet fun race followed.

Although Tom and Phil were flying in the Bahia the handicaps rearranged results with John first then Derek, Bill, Tom/Phil and young Patrick with a fine performance in final place.

A grand day out for all.

Sunday turned out another beautiful day on the river Yar with 15 to 17 knots of south westerly breeze.

10 Scows started with some hard beating as the contestants sailed between B and C marks a couple of times.  Coming away from this, Melinda Measor was in the lead but failed to round D going into the creek.  John waited until she was well clear of it before reminding her so she lost a few places going back.   More hard beats out of Mill Creek, with a very gusty wind.  At A mark prior to the last 2 legs into Mill Creek John Smith held a short lead with Roger P-E, Melinda Measor, Bill Ford  and Martin Palmer in close pursuit. In Mill Creek John mistakenly went for F mark and during correction to E he inadvertently took a swim.  Just to be on the safe side, Roger rounded both F and E (the correct mark).  The rest of the front group raced to the line and in the final 30 metres a significant gust changed order leading to a virtual photo finish. First was Martin followed by Bill, Melinda and Roger.

This gave Melinda the Series, with Martin and Nick tied with 12 points, but Martin had the first place in the final race so took 2nd place and Nick 3rd.

The Handicap class had 6 boats (9 crew) sailing. Most of these had just completed their RYA Level  2 training at YSC that morning and this was their first race (in 17 knots of wind). All got round the course successfully and were led home, quite substantially, by Lyn and Alan Welch in a Quest. second on handicap were Bryan and Kathy Locke in a Wanderer and third were Neil Peers and Fran Alvarez in another Quest.   A great achievement for all the trainees and the club trainers.



July Series Race 3


1st  John Smith

2nd  Bill Ford

3rd  Derek Morris

Handicap Fleet

1st  Patrick Tate (Feva)

2nd  Tom Ainsworth/Phil Pike (Bahia)

July Fun Race

1st John Smith

2nd Derek Morris

3rd Bill Ford

July Series Race 4


1st Martin Palmer

2nd  Bill Ford

3rd  Melinda Measor

Handicap Fleet

1st  A & L Welch (Quest)

2nd  B & K Locke (Wanderer)

3rd  N Peers & F Alvarez (Quest)

July Series Final Result


1st  Melinda Measor

2nd Martin Palmer

3rd Nick Measor

Handicap Fleet

1st  Patrick Tate (Feva)

2nd  A & L Welch (Quest)

3rd B & K Locke (Wanderer)


Saturday & Sunday, 7 & 8 July 2018

Wow!  What a scorcher!

On a scorching afternoon fortunately blessed with a decent South Westerly breeze, seven boats came to the line despite the rival attractions of England v. Sweden.

Martin Palmer and Melinda Measor made the best start, but Melinda experimented with an unsuccessful detour as she approached the bend in the river, followed by most of the others.  Hence Martin and Nick Measor more or less had the race to themselves as they sailed up to the first buoy.

As is traditional Melinda quickly caught up and was snapping at Nick’s heels until she dropped back again owing to a creative rounding of a buoy.  By now Martin had an unassailable lead.  Harry Castle then made a strong showing and was challenging Nick for second place until Melinda finally overtook him close to the finishing line.

Sunday was similarly hot with a reasonable wind, and nine boats turned out to play.  Martin Palmer led all the way to C buoy where he rounded the wrong way and had to retire.  This left Melinda benefitting from his misfortune, with Alan Toms and Chris Jones close behind.


July Series 1

1st  Martin Palmer

2nd  Nick Measor

3rd  Melinda Measor

July Series 2

1st  Melinda Measor

2nd  Alan Toms

3rd  Chris Jones


Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July

Summer Heat

Beautiful warm sunny weather with a refreshing 7-10 knot north easterly breeze brought 12 scows to the startline.  Chris Parsloe got the best start for the run all the way to Freshwater Causeway. Martin Palmer soon overhauled him.  At the notorious Kings Manor Farm constriction the fleet had to negotiate around several swimmers enjoying the cool blue water.  By the Causeway turning mark Martin led with Derek Morris in second, then Roger Poerscout-Edgerton and the pack in close pursuit.  Coming back was all about beating and luck or judgement to master the wind shifts and lifts.  Roger eventually mastered the shifts and took the lead from Martin near C mark.  He held his lead to the finish with Martin a close second and Niall Wallace third.

On Sunday 5 scows rowed out to the start area in the Solent west of the harbour.  30 minutes later 5 scows rowed back to the clubhouse for lunch and a glass.  The forecast wind did not arrive and 30 minutes drifting down the increasingly strong ebb tide in the hot humid air was quite sufficient.  In the club we raised glasses to Graeme Bowen and John Smith who had chosen this windless day for their big boat drifting practice for Round the Island next weekend.

NW, 01/07/2018


Top of the River Race 2

1st   Roger Poersout-Edgerton

2nd  Martin Palmer

3rd  Niall Wallace


Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th June 2018

Not Exactly Pointless

For Saturday’s Fun Race, each of the buoys in the River was assigned a score.  The further the buoy is from the Club, the higher its value.  By rounding a minimum of four different marks, competitors had to gain as many points as possible in an hour.  If they were late back, then one point was deducted for every minute they were overdue.

Off the start line, the different tactics were quickly apparent.  Alan Toms and Tom Bignell turned into Mill Creek to sail round the buoys there first while the majority went straight to the high value marks in King’s Manor Reach.  Early high scorers included Harry Castle and Melinda Measor who racked up good totals rounding B and C several times.  Bill Ford, Nick Measor and Graeme Bowen were not far behind. Nick then Melinda peeled off to deal with the buoys in Mill Creek and shortly after Bill followed them. while Alan came into the Reach to round the higher value marks.  Gradually, these boats started to head for the finish.  Only Harry and Graeme stayed in the Reach, pushing their luck on the time limit.  By the time these two turned for Mill Creek it was clear that they were going to collect time penalties.  The other racers finished within a couple of minutes of the hour but Graeme and Harry were very late and heavily penalised.

Which was the winning tactic?  Well, none!  In the top four there were two on time finishers and two late ones, as well as early and late visitors to Mill Creek.  Once the scores were worked out, Bill and Graeme tied for first will Alan in third and Harry in fourth and only a couple of point between them.

Our Passage Race to the west on Sunday was blighted by lack of wind on the outward journey but, with the help of oars and paddles, the four boats that set out managed to get to Colwell.  They had a good picnic stop, attached to the nanny boat, Wellow Maid, and the two patrol boats.  As they finished their lunch a sea breeze came up from the west which took them home in no time at all.  It was a most enjoyable trip on a beautiful sunny day for the 14 people who took part.


Fun Race

1st = Bill Ford and Graeme Bowen

3rd Alan Toms

GFJB, 26.06.2018



Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th June 2018

Well Reefed Down

Saturday’s blustery conditions meant that the Solent racing was transferred to the river and very soon after that decision was made, as the wind accelerated to force 6, sailors were reefing down.  Roger P-E in a Scow led off the line and eased away from the rest of the fleet giving Andre Usborne and Patrick Tate in a Feva a good run for their money. Meanwhile, John Smith, Alan Toms and Graeme Bowen in the other Scows sparred behind the leaders, no one boat being able to pull away from the rest.  In King’s Manor Reach Smith was forced to retire while the other boats splashed their way through the considerable slop that had built up.  Round ‘B’ and back down the course P-E increased his lead until a navigation error when he missed out a mark sent him from the front to the back of the fleet.  Shortly after, Toms found the mud and retired leaving Bowen the winner by default.

Sunday was a bleak grey afternoon with 15-25knt SW winds and signs of worse to come.  Roger, keen as always, had already reefed and was raring to go.  Alan fresh from lunch and a glass of fortitude also got reefed. Niall, heartened by the reefing, joined in as did Bryan the brave Laser.  Four boats started with Roger taking an early lead.  The blustery conditions made beating to B difficult.  Niall just made the windward side of the last line of yacht moorings to emerge in the lead and managed to stay ahead to the end.  Roger ended up second with Alan a close third.  Some fine sailing amongst the blustery bits and well worth doing, particularly when reefed.


Spring Saturday Series Race 4

1st Graeme Bowen

2nd Roger P-E

Spring Sunday Series Race 4

1st Niall Wallace

2nd Roger P-E

3rd Alan Toms

GFJB & NW, 19.06.2018


Saturday 9 June 2018

After some debate about the wind 7 Scows and 2 mixed class boats took to the water. The short course included E mark in Mill Creek at Roger’s request.

Right on the Scow start the wind gathered to a gentle westerly. Niall Wallace took the lead for a few moments but was soon overtaken by Harry Castle. At the entrance to Mill Creek the wind died with Harry still leading and everyone else more or less in line abreast drifting slowly down to E Mark. After rounding Roger broke clear on starboard tack only to spend  some happy moments fighting the thick weed.  The rest of the fleet struggled on port, starboard, port to grab zephyrs and some forward progress.  Some did it better than others, notably Bill Ford, Alan Toms and Harry who emerged from Mill Creek as front runners.  At that moment a shorten course signal was sounded, the wind picked up and those 3 had a close pursuit to the finish but finished in that order.

NW, 11.06.2018.


Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June 2018

Perfect sailing weather for racing or sailing round the island     

The sun shone and the wind blew for Saturday’s race on the river and the trip round the island in the Quests for those raising money for Uzima in Our Hands.  The latter comprised Joy Mowle, Jojo Minchin, Harry Minchin, Annette and Kirsty Scivier and Tom Ainsworth who started their journey at 5.00 from Yarmouth and arrived back at about 16.45 looking remarkably perky.  A homecoming party in the clubhouse saw them and a group of supporters drinking bubbly to celebrate the successful completion of their challenge.

The race course, set by Peter Giles, encompassed 9 buoys which made for a very good race.  Melinda Measor in her Scow, having made a very poor start, managed to thread her way through the fleet and eventually popped out ahead of all but Patrick Tate and James Ward Jacobs in the Feva.  She stretched out her lead so that she stayed ahead of the following pack of John Smith, Roger Poerscout-Edgerton, Martin Palmer, and Bill Ford, who all finished up within 8 seconds of each other having been sparring all the way round.

An even more ideal sailing day on Sunday greeted 10 boats racing for the Price Cups.  Patrick Tate in the Feva, single-handed this time but flying his spinnaker, led the 9 Scows all the way round.


Patrick uses his weight to good effect

In the Scow fleet it was Roger P-E’s turn to shine, followed by Martin Palmer and Melinda Measor, fighting all the way but with Martin taking the second place.  Bill Ford hung on to his 4th place but behind him there was a good contest between Liz Mead and Niall Wallace:  Liz started off in front but Niall got her in the end.


Spring Saturday (Personal Handicaps) Series, Race 2/Little Gaffers Race

1st Melinda Measor

2nd John Smith

3rd Roger Poerscout-Edgerton


Spring Sunday Series Race 3/Price Cups


1st  Roger Poerscout-Edgerton

2nd  Martin Palmer

3rd  Melinda Measor

MZM 4.06.2018


Saturday 26th to Monday 28th May 2018

Another Glorious Bank Holiday

It’s a Bank Holiday so it must be glorious sunshine.  Not often that you can say that but this year it is true.

Saturday’s Personal Handicap Race rattled along in ideal conditions, a good force 4 with plenty of the sunny stuff.  Energised by their personal handicaps a raft of boats competed briskly for the lead.  Bill Ford rounded the first mark just ahead of the fleet but by the second Graeme Bowen had nosed in front with Melinda Measor right on his heels.  Next Niall Wallace scrapped for top spot and John Smith tried to muscle in there too.  These five boats were never more than a few seconds apart finishing in quick succession Bowen, Wallace, Ford.  Due to a clock failure, handicaps could not be applied but it was agreed that finishing places should stand.

In Sunday’s Race 3 of the Bank Holiday Series a healthy fleet headed off in brilliant sunshine but very light and fickle airs, with the wind coming from every point of the compass and none.  On the first leg into Mill Creek, John Smith established an early lead until the wind stalled becalming the entire fleet.  Alan Toms found a slight hint of sea breeze to ease up to the first mark, closely followed by Bill Ford with the rest of the fleet packed just behind him jostling to round the mark.  Once again, the wind departed leaving all drifting along, with most competitors taking their turn at both leading and trailing.  At the third mark, like the first, the major part of the fleet all arrived at the same time but with barely enough wind to maintain steerage and thus avoid minor collisions, leading to a flurry of penalty manoeuvres. With the course shortened and virtually no wind, the last leg started off as a very slow drift, but it was the tail enders who were to benefit most by a late onset of the sea breeze to assist in the run to the line, with Toms, Melinda Measor, Niall Wallace, Ford, Mary Lord and Sue Denton all in contention: the final order being Measor, Ford and Smith.

Monday dawned bright and sunny with very little wind.  After a short postponement, the race officer was able to get the fleet away in just a hint of a breeze.  Bowen and Mead had built up a substantial lead by the first mark which they rounded in the wrong direction.  By the time that was sorted they had gone from first to last! Toms, Melinda Measor, Smith, Roger P-E and Wallace now contested the front of the fleet.  On the second lap P-E split from the bunch in the main channel, found a little more breeze and slightly less tide to build a fifty yard lead at the penultimate mark with Smith in second.  P-E never relinquished his lead but Wallace found a puff to slip into second while Smith was third.  The win secured the series for P-E with Smith in second overall and Melinda Measor third.


Spring Saturday (Personal Handicap) Series Race 1

1st Graeme Bowen

2nd Niall Wallace

3rd Bill Ford

Bank Holiday Series Race 3

1st Melinda Measor

2nd Bill Ford

3rd John Smith

Bank Holiday Series Race 4

1st Roger P-E

2nd Niall Wallace

3rd John Smith

Bank Holiday Series Final Result

1st Roger P-E

2nd John Smith

3rd Melinda Measor

GFJB & JS, 28.05.2018


Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2018

Even Better than a Royal Wedding

If you watched the Royal Wedding then you missed a treat on the Solent on Saturday. A misty morning turned to glorious early afternoon sunshine and a cracking breeze filled in to create ideal conditions for the Solent Series race. John Smith and Alan Toms both got across the line right on the gun and led up the beat. At the first mark, Graeme Bowen managed to get an inside overlap and slid into a lead he didn’t relinquish for the rest of the race. Behind him, John, Niall Wallace and Roger P-E swapped tacks and places all the way round the two-lap course vying for the other podium places. On the final beat, John faded and Roger got just a little extra kick from the tide to take second to Niall’s third.

By Sunday, the breeze had softened to create a tactical race for the second contest in the Spring Sunday Series. Graeme Bowen and Derek Morris quickly separated themselves from the rest of the fleet and swapped tacks all the way to the first mark which Derek rounded in the lead. Down the run, Graeme again managed to create an inside overlap and started the second beat just inches ahead of Derek. With Derek having to ‘eat dirty air’ Graeme eased a little ahead but Derek never lost contact and was ready to capitalise on any mistake that Graeme might make. As these two came past the entrance to Mill Creek for the final time, there was a 1800 wind shift forcing Graeme to put in an extra tack. Derek closed but Graeme just managed to take the race. After the shift the wind died leaving the rest of the fleet struggling to make the finish line. Some ten minutes later, Roger P-E managed to cross in third with Niall just behind him.


Solent Series 2

1st Graeme Bowen

2nd Roger P-E

3rd Niall Wallace

Spring Sunday Series 2

1st Graeme Bowen

2nd Derek Morris

3rd Roger P-E

GFJB, 21.05.2018


Wednesday 9th – Sunday 13th May 2018

A Close Fought Team Race Against Brading Haven and a Swallows and Amazons Cruise

Wednesday’s Scow team racing against Brading Haven was fought out in the usual spirit of keen, friendly rivalry. Yarmouth arrived at Brading one member short and they very kindly loaned us one of their sailors, Sara-Jane Weigall.

In gusty conditions, a short leeward, windward course was set; Brading dominated the first race with Jodi Spence being a clear winner. Yarmouth responded with equal enthusiasm to win the second race, John Smith and Graeme Bowen taking the top two slots. Anne Barlow from Brading won the third race but as Yarmouth boats with Niall Wallace, Melinda Measor and Nick Measor took places 2 to 4 Yarmouth won the flight. Brading had to win the final race if they were to retain the trophy on home waters. Brading looked to have the last race and the series sewn up as they cleverly defended their lead boat but the leader sailed the wrong side of the finishing line leaving the door open for John Smith and Yarmouth to snatch the flight and the series. The Yarmouth team then enjoyed an excellent club-house supper with our Brading hosts.

On Saturday, over 30 excited children waited anxiously to know if the Swallows and Amazons’ trip from Yarmouth to Newtown with an overnight camp and return sail the following day would go ahead.

The weather played its usual tricks and right up to the last moment we were not sure if we would be able to sail back from Newtown on Sunday as the predicted winds were at the top of F4 gusting F5 – with wind against tide, too much for some of our young sailors. Luckily, the wind strength abated and despite the drift down on the tide to Newtown on the Saturday, Sunday’s conditions were perfect, providing exciting but manageable sailing in the sunshine for the eleven dinghies, ranging from a Bahia, RS Quests, and RS Feva to a Topper and Scows.

In all, over 70 YSC members enjoyed a memorable weekend of sailing, camping and barbecueing!

GFJB and LM, 14.05.2018


Saturday/Sunday/Monday 5/6/7 May 2018

Glorious Bank Holiday Weather and Some Testing Sailing

Wow, what a glorious Bank Holiday! Saturday’s Open Day at Yarmouth Sailing Club was bathed in hot sunshine and blessed with a fine breeze; perfect for taking prospective members afloat. They thought so too and many signed up to join the Club.

Sunday was still blessed with hot sun but the breeze had evaporated creating testing conditions as little puffs of air came and went then swung through thirty degrees pushing just about everybody to the front of the fleet at some point in the race. Dick Davis led off the line but drifted onto the mud at the first corner allowing Alan Toms through with Liz Mead, John Smith and Derek Morris close on his tail. Meanwhile, Graeme Bowen had popped out of the back of the fleet and left himself a lot to do. As the fleet beat its way to B buoy, Bowen gradually overhauled those in front to ease into the lead. John and Liz had an absorbing contest, Liz just easing ahead of John to take second.

Monday was another day of glorious hot sunshine but the light and fickle winds prevented racing in the Solent and the fleet transferred to the River. Roger P-E took an early lead and no-one could catch him. Alan, John and Melinda Measor jockeyed for second place. John was caught on the wrong side of a wind shift and drifted out of contention. Alan and Melinda sparred all the way to the line with Alan just edging it at the finish.


Bank Holiday Series 1

1st Graeme Bowen

2nd Liz Mead

3rd John Smith

Bank Holiday Series 2


1st Roger P-E

2nd Alan Toms

3rd Melinda Measor

GFJB and MZM, 08.05.2018


Saturday 28th/Sunday 29th April 2018

Head Boys

A light steady breeze created fascinating conditions for the first ‘Top of the River Race’ of the season, with the lead constantly changing as the fleet ran up to King’s Manor corner.  At the tricky turn, there was a bunch of boats all fighting for the best breeze and the least foul tide. Sailing the Feva (Dame Turner) single handed Patrick Tate was the first to break through to the upper reaches of the river.  To the lee of the Scow fleet and right on the inside of the bend, Derek Morris found a way through, chased by Alan Toms, the rest of the pack following shortly after.  In the clear air of the upper reaches of the River, the first three boats built up a substantial lead.

After rounding ‘T’ buoy, there was a long, steady beat back to the finish but easier than the first half of the race with the building ebb tide sluicing the boats home.  Gradually, those at the back began to reel in the front runners, Graeme Bowen, Martin Palmer and Liz Mead easing their way through to challenge the leaders.  Finally, sliding past Alan they set about catching Derek and Patrick but the two leaders had built up too big a lead to be easily troubled, taking first and second on the water.  After the handicap was applied, Derek headed the results, with Graeme and Liz taking second and third.

Sunday was Roger P-E’s day. Hitting the start line dead on the gun, he headed the fleet around the whole course.  Graeme and Derek challenged but were unable to get past the dogged Roger who protected his position superbly all the way to the finish.  In the Handicap fleet, Patrick got into a little difficulty launching the spinnaker single handed and ended up on the mud leaving Brian Locke in the Laser to take the race.


Top of the River Race 1

1st Derek Morris

2nd Graeme Bowen

3rd Liz Mead

Spring Sunday Series Race 1


1st Roger P-E

2nd Graeme Bowen

3rd Derek Morris


1st Brian Locke, Laser

GFJB, 29.04.2018


Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April 2018

In Saturday’s Race 3 of the April Allcomers Series a healthy fleet of all Scows headed off in very light and fickle airs, with Derek Morris struggling to get back across the start line against a strong flood tide. Alan Toms took an early lead but Tony Sceales found a way through to take the lead, soon to be lost to John Smith in Mill Creek. With a complete wind shift from East to West, Smith was the first to be able to take advantage of the stronger winds and never looked back, with Sceales and Toms coming in second and third.

With turbulent winds in evidence on Sunday a mixed fleet made the start line and it was Niall Wallace who executed a well-timed approach to the line and set his mark on the final race of the April Series. Roger P-Edgerton kept close to Wallace with Smith struggling to make up for a poor choice of line at the start. There were a few casualties along the way due to the strong gusts, but Wallace held his nerve throughout and established a clear lead with P-Edgerton closing at times but never getting near enough to cause him trouble.  Smith and Chris Parsloe were battling for third place but a foul by Parsloe put him out of the running. Overall, the Series was won by Niall Wallace.


April Allcomers’ Race 3

1st  John Smith, Scow

2nd  Tony Sceales, Scow

3rd  Alan Toms, Scow

April Allcomers’ Race 4

1st  Niall Wallace, Scow

2nd Roger Poerscout-Edgerton, Scow

3rd John Smith, Scow

Final April Allcomers Series Results

1st. Niall Wallace

2nd. John Smith

3rd. Roger P-Edgerton


Race Report 14th and 15th April 2018

Wispy Wind Rumba and a Cruising Quickstep

On Saturday, the fleet was never far apart as contestants waggled and wove around each other in the wispy but consistent wind.  In Scows, Roger P-E led off the line with Niall Wallace and Graeme Bowen on his heels waiting for him to make a mistake.  Tucked in just behind, Liz Mead, John Smith and Harry Castle pirouetted around each other all looking for that winning lift in the light breeze.  By the second mark, Brian Locke, in a Laser, eased ahead but at the start of the second round, he found the mud and the fleet slid past him.  Graeme sheltered from the tide to ease ahead and Niall established himself in second.  Brian recovered to take line honours but, after the handicap had been applied, it was the Scows of Graeme, Niall and Roger that took the podium places.

Sunday’s breeze was a cruising quickstep.   The Bahia, with Andre Usborne and Patrick Tate onboard, and Graeme’s Scow were over the line at the start.  The Bahia went on and Graeme went back.  On a ‘port-hand flyer’, John Smith, with Roger and Liz close behind, led the fleet off the line and progressed quickly to the first mark.  Graeme, having exonerated his early start, was now at the back of the troupe with Chris Parsloe and Alan Toms not far ahead.   Chris made a duff tack, Liz left a gap at ‘E’ and Alan found the mud allowing Graeme to glide through into third.  Brian’s Laser again took the first gun with John and Roger sailing a faultless race to the finish to hold their top slots among the Scows and take first and second on corrected time.


April Allcomers’ Race 1

1st Graeme Bowen, Scow

2nd Niall Wallace, Scow

3rd Roger P-E, Scow

April Allcomers’ Race 2

1st John Smith, Scow

2nd Roger P-E, Scow

3rd Graeme Bowen, Scow

GFJB, 15.04.2018



Race Reports Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th April 2018

Seamanship Race and Navigation Race

In a brisk and blustery breeze, six boats came to the line for the April Seamanship Race.  The race involves a series of challenges including rowing starts, anchoring then raising sails, returning to the club slipway and running up to touch the start board before getting under way, along with the additional complications of taking a 3600 turn after rounding each mark on the course and finishing the race sailing backwards over the line.

The Quest, sailed by Tom and Rory Ainsworth and Joy Mowle, completed all the challenges with consummate skill to take line honours and the race on handicap. Tony Sceales, in his Scow, was probably robbed of a win by a severe wind-shift which made sailing backwards over the line almost impossible, although Niall Wallace – in his Scow – just managed to nip his tail end over to secure second place. Alan Toms opted for rowing backwards over the line to take third.

Henry Olmi and Patrick Tate in the RS Feva sailed really well around the course but could not persuade their craft to reverse over the line and therefore registered a DNF, whilst Alison and Gabriel Olmi did manage a finish having overcome a very slow start.

Lack of wind on Sunday meant that we could not run the Navigation Race.

JS, 08.04.2018

Seamanship Race Results

1st The Ainsworths and Joy Mowle, Quest

2nd Niall Wallace, Scow

3rd Alan Toms, Scow




Race Report Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd April 2018

Close Competition for the Chocolate Chicken

The art of the Easter Series is not to come first, for which there is only a mini-egg prize, but second to take home the splendid chocolate chicken.  And, there was very close competition to carry off the chicken.

Over the weekend, there had been a very good turn-out with twenty boats taking to the water.  The quicker, kited boats made rapid progress over the strong tide with the Quests, Bahia and the Feva taking the podium guns but the light weather favoured the slower boats so, after the handicap was applied, it was the Scows and the Oppie of Joe Collins that took the top places.

The monster tides made for some interesting navigational tactics.  The marsh was completely flooded on Sunday and Alan Toms managed to do the double by sailing over it in both directions and pull himself up to third.  On Monday it was all down to sheltering from the tide while avoiding the mud on the long leg up to ‘B’ buoy; those that did opened up a substantial lead over the rest of the fleet.

Graeme Bowen knocked himself out of the running for the chicken by having a clean sweep of firsts.  Tony Sceales looked a strong contender taking second place in races one and two but was then unable to sail and dropped out of the running.  This left a tight contest between John Smith, Niall Wallace and Roger P-E.  John’s two good results were scuppered by his rig failure leaving Roger and Niall to contest the chicken finally tying for second on 11 points each.  Roger’s best result was a third and Niall had a second so he got to take the chicken home.

GFJB, 03.04.2018

Easter Series Overall Results

1st Graeme Bowen, Scow

2nd Niall Wallace, Scow

3rd Roger P-E, Scow