Simply Sailing

Organisation of our non-competitive sailing activities was taken on in 2017 by a group of keen people, headed by Marian Stevens and Viv Collins.

Our 2018 sailing programme contains a series of group events which will give those members who are not especially interested in racing, or who perhaps lack the confidence to go out on their own, a chance to get out on the water to hone their skills and enjoy a sail together with like-minded other members.

You can see our programme here:


These events will not be for unaccompanied beginners, but those wanting to get into sailing will be welcome to  join in by going out with a more experienced sailor.

Children will also be welcome to join in with river events, but those under 16 must have a parent or other adult acting in loco parentis on the water.

Sailing will take place in the river or in the Solent, depending on the programme, the tides and the weather, and some of the events may be all-day trips or have a particular focus, e.g. a variety of Solent sails, including those to give tentative and new sailors more confidence in the open water, meeting up with other clubs, seamanship practice, picnics and forays to the Red Lion.

We have kept Quiet Sails in our programme so that adults and children can have the chance to go out for a short while and practise their skills independently, outside school/work times, when there will be patrol boats on the water to keep an eye on them.  We aim to have an instructor on the water during quiet sails to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

A letter from Marian and Viv sent out at the beginning of the sailing season:

Simply Sailing New Season Letter

Dear All,

Now that 2018 is upon us, we need to consider our proposed plans and duties for the SS events of the new season.

Dutyman has now been published and includes SS patrol boat duties for the river but not the Solent.  These will be arranged by Tom Gregory nearer the time, so please bear this in mind when signing up.   We would like the SS patrol boats to be driven and crewed by SS volunteers wherever possible, to ensure that those who support SS events are included and that everyone can make a contribution.  (Please note: Solent patrol boat drivers will now require appropriate qualifications.)

We would also like to invite all our supporters to join us for a very informal get-together at the club on Friday 23rd March, when the bar will be open from 6.30 pm.  This will give everyone a chance to socialise and enjoy a pre-season chat.

A 2018 sailing programme has now been circulated, so please do your best to join in the Simply Sailing activities, helping us to build on the success of last year.

Looking forward to an enjoyable, relaxed sailing season,

Marian and Viv.

Please note: The proposed sail to Lymington will now take place on Tuesday, 3rd July and not Monday, 2nd as shown in the YSC events calendar.