Swallows & Amazons and Hunt the Pirates

Swallows & Amazons was a very popular weekend camping trip to Newtown in early May, organised by Liz Mead and Veronica Workman.  On 8th September there was an expedition to Hunt the Pirates on the river Yar:

Despite an overcast day, the wind was perfect to take 16 young YSC sailors (spies) up to King’s Manor pontoon. They had been tasked with tracking down the marauding pirates who were planning an invasion of Yarmouth Town!  The pirates’ hideouts were scattered amongst the small inlets, creeks and rushes of the Upper Yar.
In order to track them down the young spies had to transfer to paddle boards and kayaks, courtesy of Rob and Helen of the I.O.W. Canoe Club.  S&A1 It took the young spies about an hour and a half to locate all 17 pirate hideouts.   They had great fun doing this – choosing many different methods, sometimes abandoning their SUPs and kayaks to run through the rushes or swimming to them – most children finished up getting wet!
Then it was back to King’s Manor pontoon for a picnic lunch, helping to put the equipment away and then sailing back to the Spy HQ (YSC).   Once all the dinghies had been de-rigged and put away a wonderful tea, including the now legendary cannon ball cake, provided by the parents was enjoyed outside on the picnic tables. S&A2Prizes were given to the children who had located all 17 Pirate HQs and all children who took part received some chocolate gold coins.Huge thanks to Jamie and Susie Sheldon for allowing us to use their pontoon and to Rob and Helen from the I.O.W. Canoe Club for making this a fantastic day for children and parents alike.