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PB Safety Briefing with Race Courses v6



ROmanual update 09.05.18

Bar Guidelines Jan 18

Lunch Guidelines Jan 18

We ask applicants for membership to say which volunteer duties they would be happy to undertake (they can choose from patrol boat driver or crew, race officer, provider of Sunday lunch or bar duty). Each active member is usually expected to do at least two duties per year. There is always an experienced member on duty to help and advise those new to the club.  Apart from these “official” duties, we are always glad to hear of members who would like to volunteer in other ways – joining committees, cutting the grass, keeping the club boats in good order and generally helping with the many jobs that are required to keep the club running smoothly. Getting involved in these activities is a good way of getting to know other members and finding out more about what goes on in and around the club.  Anyone who is unable to do duties due to infirmity, poor health, etc. may be deemed Exempt from Duties.   Those who go afloat for patrol boat duties may, very occasionally, be expected to go into the water to help someone in difficulty.  We therefore ask that they are confident in the water and that they are always wearing a buoyancy aid (not a lifejacket as these are more of a hindrance when blown up) when they are afloat or on the slipway.   More information can be obtained from the Membership Secretary, Melinda Measor (01983 760462, membership.ysc@btconnect.com).



If you want to know more about social duties (Sunday lunch and bar) contact Sue Tribe (01983 754494, suetribe2@gmail.com).

For sailing-related duties (patrol boat and race officer), contact Melinda Measor, Sailing Secretary (01983 760462, membership.ysc@btconnect.com).

Membership Secretary – Melinda Measor (01983 760462, membership.ysc@btconnect.com).



You can download from here (see above) the Race Officers’ Manual, a copy of the Safety Briefing for races, the Aides Memoires for patrol boat crews and race officers and guidelines for those doing bar and lunch duties.


The duty roster is arranged using DutyMan, a computer program specifically designed for this purpose. Twice a year a duty calendar is published and members are asked to choose their own duties. If they don’t choose within a certain time, they are given duties by the system which also provides instructions on how to swap a duty if it becomes inconvenient. Members who don’t wish to use this themselves or who need help with it can contact the DutyMan Administrator, Melinda Measor (01983 760462, membership.ysc@btconnect.com).  The most convenient way to log on to DutyMan is via the link which every member was sent in their DutyMan welcome email.  There is also a link at the top of this page.