Annual Fees for January – December 2018 or any part thereof (subject to 3) below):

Boat Storage
Family £75 Boat on launching trolley £80
Couple £65 Topper or Optimist on rack £70
Adult (21 and over) £43 Vertical dinghy rack £50
Adult (18-20) £16 Mooring £80
Cadet (16-17) £16
Single parent with one child* £65

* This is only available to genuine single parent families.

1) Entry Fee – those aged 21 and over are required to pay an entry fee on joining the club.  This is equivalent to the first year’s membership fee.

2) We welcome applications for membership and you can download the Application Form and Guidance Notes from here (see below).  Applicants do not have to have sponsors or proposers and seconders.

3) Applications are approved at monthly Management Committee meetings. Those whose applications are received between September and December do not have to pay a renewal fee in the following January, i.e. their membership lasts for 16/15/14/13 months.

4) Those who are not sure whether they would like to join the club may take out Temporary Membership for one month (download Temp Memp Application Form and Junior Member Indemnity Form below). This may not be repeated but those who then wish to become Full Members can count the Temporary Membership fee already paid as part of their Full Membership fee if they join before the end of the term of their Temporary Membership.   Temporary Members do not have access to our training courses.

5) For more information contact the Membership Secretary, Melinda Measor (01983 760462,

Appln Form 2018

Guidance Notes 2018 v4

Temp Memp Appln Form Jan 2016

Junior Member Indemnity Form